Revolutionizing the detection of eye diseases
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Transforming AI Vision Into Reality

Deep Learning System

Excellent image processing algorithms to process natural data in their raw form, mining meaningful patterns and recognizing the intricate structures in high-dimensional data

Convolutional Neural Network

Uses CNNs to implicitly recognize meaningful characteristics of referable diabetic retinopathy (DR), possible glaucoma suspect (GS), and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) from the appearance in retinal images

Training and Validation

Training of the DLS allows the networks to gradually adapt their weighted parameters to model DR, GS and AMD conditions and validated using of nearly 500,000 retinal images to detect the said eye conditions

The Future of
Retinal Diagnostics

  • Automated early detection of retinal diseases
  • Provides immediate and reliable assessment
  • Improved healthcare productivity
  • Lowered healthcare costs

How it Works

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