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EyRIS Founder Wins National Clinical Excellence Team Award



Sep 2019 – EyRIS extends our heartiest congratulations to our founder Haslina Hamzah and collaborator Dr. Gavin Tan on winning the National Clinical Excellence Team Award. Their innovative approach in transforming the way digital fundus images are screened for diabetic retinopathy, a leading cause of vision impairment.

The devised scheme, Singapore integrated Diabetic Retinopathy Program (SiDRP), has shortened the time needed to complete the screening test from 4 weeks to 1 business day. It has benefitted over 267,000 patients over the years with projected cost savings of S$29.4 million.

Minister of Health, Mr. Gan Kim Yong who was at the event to hand out the awards lauded the innovations has helped transform Singapore’s healthcare system to meet changing needs and ensure that appropriate and affordable care is available for Singaporeans.

We look forward to the next step in SiDRP – adoption of artificial intelligence detection system to further improve SiDRP productivity.

This article was originally published on The Straits Times on 6 Sep 2019

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