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EyRIS Co-Founder Receives Award


Dec 2019 – EyRIS is delighted to share that Dr Daniel Ting, an EyRIS co-founder has been awarded The 2020 Bert M. Glaser, MD Award for Innovative Research in Retina. This award is given to an early-career investigator in recognition of the discovery of a drug or technique, or the understanding of a mechanism of disease, that is novel and has profoundly changed our understanding and/or treatment of a retinal disease or condition.

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This prestigious award honours the life of Bert M. Glaser, MD, a retinal surgeon, researcher, innovator and teacher for over 30 years. The award was established by his family to honour his legacy as an innovator and as a retina specialist.

 "I am extremely thankful and honored to be receiving this award," Dr. Ting says. "Dr. Glaser was a great innovator, retinal surgeon, and more importantly, a great teacher."  He adds, "In the recent years, artificial intelligence (AI), in particular deep learning, has sparked tremendous interest in the technical and medical fields. In medicine, ophthalmology has always been staying at the forefront, leading the other medical subspecialties. In the next few years, the research direction of my lab will be mainly focused on clinical translation, medical ethics and safety regulation. Inspired by Dr. Glaser, I hope to be able to share my AI experience widely with the ophthalmology community."

 Our heartiest congratulations to Daniel Ting for this recognition.

About Asst Prof Daniel Ting

Dr. Ting is recognized with this award for research related to the development of a deep learning system to detect three major blinding retinal conditions including diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration. This AI system was trained and tested with more than 500,000 retinal images, and the study was published in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA). Subsequently, this AI system was further tested to assess the systemic vascular risk factors related to diabetic retinopathy (Ting et al, NPJ Digital Medicine 2019) and also in Zambia, for the detection of diabetic retinopathy (Bellemo et al, Lancet Digital Health 2019).

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